Chinese star Qiu Jun died after he refused to wear face mask

Qiu Jun, one of the most popular bodybuilders in China, died of coronavirus. The athlete from Wuhan, the city from which the epidemic started, refused to wear a mask and continued to go to the gym to exercise, despite the desperate calls of local authorities and family.

În vârstă de 72 de ani, Qiu Jun era încă activ și în putere în momentul în care a contractat virusul. După doar patru zile în spital, familia sa a confirmat că sportivul veteran și-a pierdut viața.

Bărbatul și-a început târziu cariera în bodybuilding în 2003, la 56 de ani. De atunci, a câștigat numeroase premii naționale.

Qiu Jun was often seen in Zhongsan Park, Wuhan, where he practiced for several hours a day. It continued with this habit even when the city became deserted because of the threat of coronavirus.

His son-in-law told that the athlete started to feel bad and the family took him to Wuhan Hospital. “Her blood tests were taken, and her diagnosis was confirmed. Older people tend to be stubborn.

When the fear of coronavirus appeared at the beginning of the year, I told her to go out less and wear a mask, if she does. He just replied ‘What will be will be How would I look like a mask? ‘I was upset, but I had nothing to do,’ said the son-in-law, quoted by the Daily Star.

Qiu Jin planned to do bodybuilding by the age of 80. The Chinese planned to take part in various competitions this summer in Beijing and Nanjing.

To date, more than 1,000 people have died from coronaviruses, say 24 announcements. Globally, more than 42,000 people have the disease, the majority in China. So far, the mortality rate is around 3%.

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