China regains control of protective equipment factories

The Communist Party of China is once again taking control of factories that supply sanitary ware around the world, American importers buying from China told the New York Post.

New York businessman Moshe Malamud, who has been doing business with China for more than two decades, brought tens of millions of protective materials to the US when the crisis was at its height, but says his suppliers have been overwhelmed by orders in recent weeks. by the Chinese government.

“I was giving an important order to one of the big manufacturers, and he told me, ‘I can honor it, but after that I am contracted by the Chinese government to produce 250 million protective gowns,'” he said.

Malamud said he heard a similar story about a thermometer maker.

“I hear something like this from many manufacturing institutions, who say, ‘We can give you a little, but in principle, from now until the end of the summer we focus on manufacturing products for the Chinese government, waiting for a second wave.’ continued the businessman.

According to a report by the American intelligence services, which reached the press this month, at the beginning of the crisis, China hid the scale of the coronavirus epidemic and the degree of contagion in order to accumulate the necessary medical stocks.

A senior White House official told the New York Post that the US administration is concerned that protective materials will be used as “blackmail tools”, with China using its manufacturing power to influence foreign policy decisions.

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