Breaking news! Dozens of bodies found in refrigerated trucks on a New York street after passersby complained about the smell!

Dozens of bodies were found in refrigerated trucks in New York, after several people complained about the smell in the area.

The Andrew T Cleckley Funeral Home in Brooklyn rented several refrigerated trucks and stored about 50 bodies in them. An official quoted anonymously by the New York Times said the funeral home’s cold storage had broken down.

Police were called to the scene and isolated the area. Later, workers in protective suits were seen moving the corpses.

It is not known if these bodies stored in the street were victims of the coronavirus epidemic, but authorities and funeral homes are struggling to cope with the large number of deaths in New York State, which is the hardest hit by the epidemic in the US. More than 18,000 people have died in New York City alone, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Currently, the US has reported over 1 million cases of COVID-19, more than any other country.

“They had bodies in vans and trucks,” the owner of the adjoining building told the New York Times. “They were piled on top of each other, all the cars were full.”

Eric Adams, a local official, said the alert was given by “passers-by who saw leaks and detected an odor coming from the truck.”

By law, funeral homes must keep corpses in special conditions to prevent infections until they are buried or burned.

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