Hundreds of tourists blocked in paradise because of COVID-19 measures!

Hundreds of tourists are still stranded in the Maldives, said Ali Waheed, the Minister of Tourism in the tropical paradise, more than a month after the first cases of coronavirus disease.

About 500 tourists remained on the islands, 100 of them being stranded at the airport. The government is trying to financially help those who no longer have money for accommodation. “We treat them the same as the locals. Thanks to tourists, this country has become so popular, “said Minister Waheed.

The first two cases of coronavirus in the Maldives were confirmed on March 8, and the Minister of Health announced the installation of the state of emergency, starting on March 12. To date, a total of 468 cases of infection with the new virus have been reported, of which 17 have been cured and one person has died.

The island country in the Indian Ocean is known for its luxury resorts, but as a result of the pandemic, the tourism industry has been severely affected as the state has closed its borders and canceled international flights.

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