The virologist who sets football “free”! “On the ground it is impossible to contract COVID-19!”

The fight against COVID-19 is one that is not over yet, but more and more peoples, including Romania, have managed to take very good measures to combat this virus. In these conditions, lately there is more and more talk about the resumption of sports competitions, led by football.

A study conducted together by specialists from the University of Aarhus, as well as those from the Ministry of Health analyzed how long you can get infected with COVID-19 if you are near a sick person.

In addition, specialists used football to better explain the results. According to the results, a player must stay less than two meters, for 15 minutes, to contract the virus from that infected person, which is impossible in a football match.

“On average, a footballer will sit next to another player for a minute and a half during a match,” Danish virologist Allan Randrup Thomsen told Danish media.

In addition, according to the study, which involved Nikolas Knudsen, Manuel Thomasen and Professor Thomas Bull Andersen, the latter a representative of the Ministry of Health at the University of Aarhus, other extremely important measures are urgently needed.

“The transport of players by coach, where the rules of social distance cannot be applied, should be replaced by other means of transport.

Also, the showers inside the locker rooms are a place where there is a real danger of getting sick “, said Andersen.

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