Breaking news! Italy has flattened the infection curve!

The Italian Minister of Health brought good news for the whole peninsula. “Italy has managed to flatten the curve, we can look to the future with optimism but with caution,” he said as he inaugurated a new infectious disease ward in Rome. Statistics seem to prove him right. The daily growth rate of new cases and deaths seems to have peaked, and the country should be out of quarantine in less than two weeks. However, there are over 100,000 patients with COVID-19.

The release from isolation in Italy will be gradual in four stages, the first of which could begin on Monday, April 27, some Italian media reported on Friday, even though the government has not announced anything official in this regard.

“Four days on Monday will set the pace for the reopening” of the country at the end of the isolation instituted on March 9 to stop the COVID-19 epidemic, which killed more than 25,500 people on the peninsula, according to Il Corriere della Sera, the largest newspaper circulation from Italy.

“Everything will depend on the contamination curve,” but if it does not increase, “agricultural and forestry machinery plants will be able to reopen on April 27.” The quoted publication writes.

In addition to any unforeseen situation, on Monday, “May 4, construction sites, the textile and fashion industry” will resume their activity, followed on Monday, May 11, by “the opening of clothing and footwear stores, as well as other stores.”

On the fourth Monday of this list, May 18, it would be the turn of bars, restaurants and hair salons to reopen, according to the same source.

Other newspapers evoke a similar pace, preferring to place the opening of bars and restaurants in the “second half of May”.

This gradual reopening will, however, be accompanied by strict hygiene measures and social distancing.

Thus, in stores, which have an area equal to or less than 40 m.p., customers will be admitted only one by one, and in the others, it will be decided depending on the area.

Bars and restaurants will have to maintain a distance of at least one meter between customers and give priority to open spaces to air conditioners, the air conditioning favoring the dispersion in the air of possible contagious aerosols.

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