EU about flights: The social distance will remain. We are working to restart tourism!

The European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, announces that the social distance in airports and airplanes is one of the measures that will be kept in order to resume the air transport for passengers. The European Commission will develop a series of guidelines in this regard. However, Adina Vălean could not specify when the pleasure trips to Europe will be possible again.

“The crisis will continue. Measures that have proven to be effective will be maintained in one way or another. And social distance is one of them, “the European Commissioner for Transport said in an online dialogue with EU citizens on Wednesday on the resumption of air transport for passengers.

The Commission will draw up guidelines containing all the measures to be followed in the future.

“Many measures have been accepted by the industry in order to resume business. Social distancing is one of them, but not the only one, there are also the disinfection of planes, as well as other measures in airports. We will elaborate guides on how these measures will be applied in the future ”, added Adina Vălean.

However, she could not say when we would be able to travel around Europe with pleasure again, when asked when it would be possible to travel by car, train or plane.

“We call it Exit strategy in our working groups: what will it look like and when will it happen? We do not know yet and we must make sure that the sanitary measures are observed before any relaxation. I think it is correct to mention this “, said Adina Vălean.

Regarding tourism, although she admits that not much can be said about this summer, Adina Vălean states that “we are still working in a small team, together with some fellow commissioners, to provide some guidelines for restarting tourism and travel. this season “, stressing that safety criteria remain essential.

“For the internal market it is better to have a harmonized approach than to see each one taking their own measures, so that for a traveler it is difficult to understand which measure applies where. So an integrated approach, guidelines, to see how it evolves in the context health crisis “, Vălean also stated, according to Agerpres.

Asked, in a broader context, whether the internal borders will remain closed after the pandemic, Adina Vălean answered that, in principle, the internal borders should not be closed in a single market.

“We know it was the first response to the crisis, but I think these measures are going to be lifted at some point. Faster, I would say, than the end of the pandemic. Because then we will have to see what exactly the level of security is. “It is fair to say that the pandemic will last longer than closing borders,” she said.

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