European countries where today some of the quarantine prohibitions are lifted!

Several European countries start the week with temporary measures to ease the ban during the epidemic. The gradual lifting of quarantine measures is influenced by the slowing of the spread of the new virus and the high testing capacity for rapid contact identification.

On Monday, in Germany, small shops will be allowed to open, and schools will resume work for those classes where graduation exams are taking place. Berlin announced last week that the rate of infection has slowed and that the outbreak has been put under control, but authorities have warned people that they must remain vigilant to avoid a second wave of infections.

Also on Monday, Poland will reopen promenades, parks and forests, and in Norway, kindergartens will reopen their children’s doors.

The Czech Republic will allow open air trading in markets, and in Albania, the mining and oil industries will operate again.

However, Spain, which has one of the strictest blockages in Europe, and France have decided to delay the relaxation of the measures for a few more weeks. In Spain, however, children will be allowed to resume their free time activities next week.

In the world, some areas of India are breaking the strict rules, starting today. Agricultural businesses, public works and banks have been allowed to resume their activity, and some forms of freight will also be authorized.

Good news will come from New Zealand too – which from next week will lower a level of restrictions, from the highest level 4 to 3.

Companies will be allowed to receive staff, and schools can begin preparation to welcome students to classes. The trend is also continuing in the Chinese capital Beijing, which has reopened 73 major tourist sites so far, including several areas along the Great Wall.

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