News alert! Half of coronavirus deaths occur in asylums!

About half of coronavirus deaths occur in asylums, says a London School of Economics study based on official data from five European countries, quoted by the PA on Tuesday.

The LTCPN (Long Term Care Policy Network), an international network for long-term care policies, has processed information from Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

The results were published after leaders of the British business environment claimed that the deaths of the institutionalized elderly were eliminated from the official balance sheets. A care organization estimates that in the UK over 1,000 people have died in asylum, and Baroness Altmann (Rosalind Miriam Altmann, a member of the House of Lords) wrote in the Daily Mail that residents in nursing homes refused by hospitals are ‘abandoned’. like lambs for cutting ‘.

The LTCPN report suggests that the clearest picture of coronavirus mortality in asylums is provided by Ireland, where there is a centralized system for collecting information on the COVID-19 epidemic. By last Saturday, 6444 cases and 288 deaths were recorded, of which 1556 – 54% – among those in care institutions.

In Belgium, the latest data indicate 1405 deaths from the same cause in asylums, accounting for 42% of the total number.

In Spain, based on information taken from the press from the provincial governments for one month, until April 8, the percentage is 57% (8345 dead in old people’s homes), writes Agerpres.

In Italy, from a study in 577 asylums (10% of the respective institutions), a proportion of 53% was extrapolated.

In France, data from the Ministry of Health lead to a 44.6% result.

The authors of the report show that the definition of asylum may differ from country to country, so the data are not comparable, but adds that without taking into account the deaths of those in care and staff in such institutions, decisions cannot be made aware of cause for the allocation of resources in the respective sector.

UK’s chief physician, Professor Chris Whitty, said outbreaks of epidemics were reported in 13.5% of British asylums and said he would like to increase the number of tests. Asked if the deaths are properly recorded in these institutions, he pointed out that the doctors make assessments based on their own opinion on the causes, and their conclusions are those recorded in the death certificates. “Doctors take the issue very seriously and try to make sure they get enough information to provide accurate data,” he said.

Matthew Reed, the director of the Marie Curie charity, believes that the death toll in hospitals announced daily by the London government ‘is behind the total’ because they do not count asylum deaths.

Provisional data from the National Statistics Office on April 7 show that about one in 14 coronavirus-related deaths in England and Wales could occur outside hospitals.

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