News alert! UK: 938 deaths in one day

The United Kingdom recorded 938 deaths from the new coronavirus in 24 hours, with the total pandemic count rising to over 7,000 deaths, the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday.

In total, COVID-19 caused the death of 7,097 people in the United Kingdom, according to this report updated until Wednesday, at 16.00 GMT. Also, until Wednesday at 08.00 GMT, 232,708 people were tested, of which 60,733 were detected with the new coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the health of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, infected with the new coronavirus and on Monday for intensive care, has “improved,” the finance minister said Wednesday. The Conservative leader is still in intensive care, but his situation is “improving”, he can “sit on the bed” and talk to medical staff, said Minister Rishi Sunak.

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