Breaking news! Americans have hijacked ordered masks for France!

France is on a race against the clock to import millions of masks for medical staff and the elderly, but Americans have intercepted and taken over one of these orders, according to Liberation.

BUCHAREST, Apr 1 – Sputnik, Marius Holdean. A particular case of the battle for medical and protective equipment was reported by the French publication Liberation which shows how an order was diverted from the airport runway in China.

President of Provence Cote d’Azur and of the Association of Regions of France, Renaud Muselier said that, like other presidents of local authorities, he placed an order with the Chinese supplier for several million masks that would have to equip hospitals and homes. of the elderly in his area, Liberation shows.

“The payment order was made, meaning the masks are made and being delivered from China, the official said. The difficulty we face is transportation. This morning, on the airport track in China, Americans bought a French order paying – with cash and the plane to come to France went directly to the United States. In the face of these problems I try to secure the goods so that they are not confiscated or bought by others, “said Muselier.

“Indeed, masks become rare, and Americans buy them wherever they find them, regardless of price, we are confirmed, on condition of anonymity, from one of the regions victims of the phenomenon. I pay double in cash even before I see the goods. We cannot afford it, we do not give in advance and pay only at reception. Obviously, we have signed agreements with the producers, but we are not in a normal situation … In addition, in the last days China has blocked a series of deliveries. It is a race against the clock to find a reliable manufacturer and then a way to deliver our order ”, are the statements collected by the French publication from the environs of other regional presidents.

From the region of Nouvelle Aquitanie (Bordeaux) Liberation reports another aspect of the American competition: “It is a logistical chaos in China, it reports a source. Americans order two or three billion masks: with only the five million we command, we are always behind. Delivery was due to arrive ten days ago but Shenzhen Airport was overcrowded. Our importer put everything in a truck with Shanghai’s direction, but it’s even worse: the truck is stuck on the road behind everyone waiting for their turn. We diverted it to Zhengzhou, where we think the situation is better. I call our importer twice a day to keep the goods safe but we wonder if it would be better to use the train or boat … “, the publication writes.

So, beyond the solidarity statements, the market battle is fierce and every western country is fighting for itself. And the fact that the US hijacks the masks for France shows how reliable the Western partners are. The peak of the irony is that the masks for which Americans fight are those in China.

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