Breaking news! China has hidden the number of coronavirus cases, according to US secret services!

China has concealed the true size of coronavirus cases and Covid-19 deaths, according to a classified report by the US Secret Service for the White House, Bloomberg writes, citing US officials.

The sources quoted under the protection of anonymity refused to give details of the report, but said that the reporting of cases by the Chinese authorities was intentionally incomplete. Two of the three sources consulted by Bloomberg said that China reported false figures.

The report was submitted to the White House last week.

The coronavirus pandemic started in the Chinese province of Hubei at the end of 2019, and China has reported 82,000 cases and 3,300 deaths from Covid-19, according to data published by John Hopkins University. By comparison, the United States already has over 190,000 cases and more than 4,000 coronavirus deaths.

Contacted by Bloomberg, the White House and the Chinese Embassy in Washington did not provide explanations. China is not the only country suspected of falsely reporting coronavirus cases: Western states suspect the same practices and Iran, Russia, Indonesia and North Korea, according to Bloomberg journalists.

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