Trump has offered $1 billion to German anti-virus vaccine company to use in US alone!

US President Donald Trump has tried to obtain exclusive rights for a coronavirus vaccine, a vaccine used by scientists at CureVac in Tübingen, Die Welt reports.
According to the same source, the German government is taking steps to prevent this.

Donald Trump would try to “persuade” scientists from the German company working on a potential coronavirus vaccine with consistent financial donations and thus ensure exclusivity for his country, according to German government sources quoted by Die Welt.

It’s about CureVac in Tübingen. Daniel Menichella, the head of the company, attended a meeting of pharmaceutical managers with President Trump, who met at the White House in early March. Menichella met with Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

On March 11, CureVac issued a statement announcing that Daniel Menichella, the company’s CEO, a US citizen, had left the company and was replaced by its founder, Ingmar Hoerr.

The US president would have given the German company a large sum to ensure exclusivity on the patent of the vaccine, in Berlin the amount carried was $ 1 billion. The German press points out that “it is particularly problematic that Donald Trump is doing everything he can to get a vaccine for the United States.” “But only for the US,” says the federal government.

The German Ministry of Health has not denied the disclosures in Die Welt. “The federal government is very interested in developing vaccines and antivirals against coronavirus, which are being developed in Germany and Europe,” a ministry spokesman said.

In Germany, over 2,300 cases of illness and 5 deaths have been confirmed.

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